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Discours prononcé par le président de l'association of the parents and Children with Handicapped In the Czech Republic qui nous châleuresement reçue à l'aérodrome de Bubovice


Dear friends, dears participants.
Let me on behalf of the associations of parents and friends of children and youth
with disability in Czech Republic, congratulate to this day wich becomes a truly historical
évent in your as in our lifes. This extraodinary opportunity to witness this day and meet this
wonderful society hère became true thanks to the group of people who appeared – really sense
of their projects – from the « clear sky » – during this hot summer.
In the Prague center we had the opportunity to meet this group of very nice devoted, and
highly enthusiastic professionals who had introduced their immensely interesting project The
Citizen of the sky being this the real circumstances in structuring and living their lifes on the one
hand and courageous with passion for kind of adventure and discovery on the other. Such Czech
children were offered the participation in discovery flights organised by the assciation Les
citoyens du ciel, founded and preceded by Jean Paul Burgues.
The idea to open the skies for everyone by respecting ones individuals abilities
accompanied by Professional involvement mutual joy and patience brings European Citizen
closer together and allows them tu fullfil the humanistic goal – to be equal part of our unified
European Society and share the spacesurrounding our Blue Planet no matter how different the
starting line, coincidentally given to the individuals by circumstances, may be.
We are glad that the Czech Republic was chosen by the organisers to be a part of series of
the European airfields hosting this extraodinay event. The aviation as you may know has deep
roots in this geographical région wich wad called in the past by differents names eg. – Austro
Hungarian Empire, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Protektorat Böhmen und Mähreen or the Czech
Republic today.
Let me mention on this occasion the first pioneer and founder of flying in Bohemia Ing.
Jan Kaspar – The phenomenal and enthusiastic pilot who in 1911 realised the first successful
flight without landing from Pardubice to Praha using the French Bleriot aircraft to take part in
his friend’s wedding in Prague. To fly the distance about 120 km took him by those days 92
On this place we can’t also forget the rôle of the Young boys and girls leaving
Czechoslovakia after German invasio in 1939 and forming the first Czechoslovakian Airforce
Group in Agde, south France in 1940. Very significant was also forming of the air military
structures during those days in Britain and the role f Czechoslovak pilots in the Battle of England
during WW II.
All Brilliant people had one in common – they were brave, devoted, self‐confident, with
respect to human progress and freedom. Let thèse qualities follow this project and be also the
motto of our today’s meeting and for our coopération in this field for the future.
Let me wish to all of you wonderful expérience whch may have a deep impact for your
future life.
Thank you
Jiri Kapr
Association of the parents
And Children with Handicapped
In the Czech Republic
Airfield Bubovice, 7.9.2010